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ROSSMONT – Aquarium highend flow and filtration equipment

The Italian manufacturer ROSSMONT has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the world for the aquarium flow management, especially due to the unique features of its innovative devices.

Since foundation, the company philosophy has been to bring affordable products to aquarists of any level up to the most experienced ones and, to maintain the highest quality standards, The whole process from design to manufacture is entirely made in Italy. It’s still the world’s first and only brand introducing the AC controllable synchronous motor which offers high reliability and stable performance but at same time all the controllability and programmability advantages.

In just a few years, the ranges of powerheads „Mover“, the „Riser“ return pumps and „Skimer“ protein skimmers along with the unique „Waver“ WiFi controller have actually become a must-have for dozens of thousands hobbyists around the world.