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Knowledge creates ideal habitats

Feeling “at home” is a prerequisite for all creatures on the planet to grow and flourish. The fish, invertebrates and plants of the ocean are particularly sensitive to the smallest changes in their environment. To ensure that these natural beauties feel at home in our aquariums we need to duplicate those natural marine conditions.

The aquatic life science company

Tropic Marin® combines more than 50 years of experience with the most current scientific research and the uncompromising pursuit of creating environments that duplicate the conditions of natural aquatic habitats. Tropic Marin® takes this responsibility very seriously and it is the commitment to this goal which makes ‘The aquatic life science company’. The result of in-depth analysis, years of research and continuous cooperation with internal and external experts is a new standard in marine aquarium keeping.

A standard that gives you the security to establish a healthy environment for all residents of your saltwater aquarium – from nano aquarium to large reef tanks of zoos. This is what Tropic Marin® stand for, with the responsibility as ‘The aquatic life science company’.

Innovative products in consistently high quality

Our use of pharmaceutically-pure ingredients in our manufacturing guarantees that all Tropic Marin® products are consistently high quality, free from synthetic additives and unnaturally high concentrations. Production is undertaken exclusively in Germany – under scientific supervision and subject to the strictest quality control standards. Discover the comprehensive product range and variety of marine salts. Tropic Marin®’s products are developed to help you easily create an environment that duplicates the conditions of the natural habitat for a fascinating marine underwater world in your aquarium that is as simple and stable as possible.