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Pure nature


Healthy life develops in a healthy environment. Tropic Marin has been providing lifelike living conditions in the aquarium for more than 50 years. Delicate fish, marine plants and invertebrates find the ideal habitat – the best conditions for successful keeping and breeding.

Marine aquatics have taken an enormous development in the last thirty years. Intensive research on natural biotopes and an extended understanding of the chemical processes in the marine habitat have greatly improved the knowledge in the field of marine ornamental fish and invertebrates. Ambitious aquarists and specialists in zoological gardens play a key role in this development. That’s why Tropic Marin works closely with scientists, zoological gardens and hobbyists. Through this exchange and many years of experience, Tropic Marin is able to continuously develop new products that make marine aquatics easier and more successful. Today it is possible to experience the fascinating beauty and perfection of the underwater world in home aquariums.

Sea salt, water treatment agents, additives and products for water analysis from Tropic Marin are among the best of their kind.