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aQua united – Together on the wave of success

aQua united is a joint venture of two independent and well known quality brands:
Aquarium Münster and Tropic Marin

“aQua united offers a great field and office staff who are always on hand with help and advice, I can always count on the help of aQua united in the detection and treatment of fish diseases. The selected product range is perfectly tailored to my needs.

I recommend aQua united to any other specialised pet shop and have already done so.”

Sebastian Speißer
Wir fürs Tier, Kirchheim unter Teck (Germany)

“I particularly like the personal contact, the flexibility and quick solutions. The reliable field service and good service distinguishes aQua united GmbH from other providers.”

Markus Mahl
Managing Director
Aquarium West GmbH / AXPERTO GmbH

“A family business with great dedication and passion. aQua united GmbH has a long-standing experience in aquarium sector that promotes the knowledge of the hobby in which we operate at the service for the customer. The specialization and the willingness to remain a manufacturing company and a distributor dedicated to aquarium field, with high knowledge and technical skills sets the aQua united GmbH apart from others. I recommend aQua united GmbH to any retailer and specialized chain who are looking not only for a product itself but to grow the hobby with someone with an extra value added.”

Silvia Pettenon
Sales & Marketing
SICCE S.r.l. (Italy)


Occupational insurance

From 1 August 2019, all regular employees of Aquarium Münster will benefit from a free private supplemental health insurance paid by the company.This supplement covers the costs for services that are not covered by the statutory health insurance: subsidies...

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TECO Relaunch

TECO changes aquarium chillers to climate-friendly gasThe manufacturer TECO has been involved in the research and development process for many years to offer exceptional and innovative products. TECO can offer high-performance, low-consumption products,...

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All the Best, Christian Rieke

Christian Rieke, our long-term sales representative for Southern Germany and Austria, left us on July 1, 2019. In January 2012, Christian joined our team as a newcomer in our industry. He has always been an aquarist and turned his hobby into a profession....

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Employee wanted

Transform your hobby into a profession.Looking for a new challenge? Wishing to change your life? As soon as possible, we are looking for a sales representative (m/f/d) for southern Germany and Austria to support our retail customers. Please address your...

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Promotion 06/2019

 Our Promotion with attractive conditions for Juni 2019 is available for download in our exculsive download for our spezialized customers.

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New: AQUADECOR Jurassic Reef-Rock

The new AQUADECOR Jurassic Reef-Rock is a great alternative to natural reef rocks. It makes it possible to design reef constructions in the aquarium without interfering with natural reefs, which. On its surface natural growth will appear very soon. In the...

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