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Aquarium Münster – Fish like us

Fish like Aquarium Münster. No wonder, because here already in the third generation they take care of their well-being. Effective medications have been developed against diseases that were incurable for a long time. The living conditions of healthy fish are constantly being improved. Remedies and care products are the focus today. Products that help aquarists and garden pond friends around the world.


Health and well-being in the aquarium are the result of optimal water quality, biological balance, proper nutrition and effective disease prevention and control. For all these areas, Aquarium Münster offers high-quality, coordinated products that are also easy and reliable to use. These are successfully used in many countries of the world. Knowledge gained over eight decades ensures a high product quality that can be trusted in daily use. Through objective and comprehensible information, Aquarium Münster helps its customers to use all products safely and effectively.