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TECO changes aquarium chillers to climate-friendly gas

The manufacturer TECO has been involved in the research and development process for many years to offer exceptional and innovative products. TECO can offer high-performance, low-consumption products, but it also meets the stringent requirements of new gas regulations and EU CE safety requirements compared to other competing devices available on the market. In the course of these regulations, the popular aquarium coolers TK 500, TK 1000 and TK 2000 were converted to the environmentally friendly gas R290.

Advantages of these units include:

  • R290 is one of the best environmentally friendly alternatives to the previous R134a gas
  • Reduction of electricity consumption by 30 – 50 % compared to the predecessor model with constant cooling capacity
  • Consequently, lower  CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  • High quality products, produced in the EU

ATTENTION! Many of the chillers from Asian productios do not meet EU safety and regulatory standards. The distribution and use of such devices is not permitted in the EU. Anyone offering such equipment risks fines and liability for damage caused by electrical short circuit or fire.

With devices of the European quality brand TECO you are sure to meet all EU standards