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Dear friends and customers of aQua united,

when we first came into contact with the inventors at Reef Factory four years ago, we were enthusiastic about the potential that we suspected in the products. We took over the distribution of the initially three products and established Reef Factory with you, our customers.

Unfortunately, with the increasing success and growth of a start-up company, the company philosophy and market strategy may also change from time to time. It can happen that established sales networks are replaced by direct sales, which are probably more lucrative.

We stand for the distribution of exclusive brands. The exclusivity of these brands is particularly important to us. Since Reef Factory has decided to market its products in Europe at the beginning in parallel and now exclusively via the affiliated sales company Crazy Corals, aQua united no longer sees any opportunities to further support Reef Factory.

We are therefore taking Reef Factory out of our range and are discontinuing sales and support for the Reef Factory brand with immediate effect.

But an end is always a beginning. INTERZOO provided us with some exciting contacts about products that fit into our sales system. More on that soon.