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Reef Factory – Smart System for Marine Aquariums

Reef Factory offers a series of smart devices for marine aquariums, whose traditional functions have been improved by modern technology. They offer aquarists considerable advantages, make it easier to manage aquariums, improve their security and enable remote control. With the help of the innovative smart reef system, you also protect the well-being and colors of the animals.

The Smart-Reef-System of Reef Factory is a brand new solution for all fans of marine aquariums. It can be used to quickly monitor all current parameters and to call up an overview of your measurements. You have access to fields and dashboards with the parameters that enable a precise analysis of your measurement data and customization of all system elements. With your own reef log, you plan your own tasks and log their progress. You can also share your data with other users.

All Smart Reef devices can be easily controlled from anywhere. When performing their specific functions, they can be used separately or in combination with other devices. If you want to monitor all system elements at the same time, you do not need an expensive central computer. Each device is equipped with a WiFi module and can be connected to your router.

Smart Reef is updated regularly to improve it. It is therefore an excellent investment.